Rationality and Prosperity

In the news clip below, a prominent Muslim leader of India argues why Muslims are not prospering as well as others. It is mainly due to irrationality and lack of education.

Most people who embraced the "modern" religion of Islam were not as prosperous as the rest of humanity at the time of their transition to their new faith. The promise of Islam to treat all humans equal and to obliterate usurious interest rates prevailing before 600 A.D. made the new religion enunciated by Prophet Mohammed very popular.

But prosperity cannot be ordained or decreed. A vivid testimony of this contention can be seen in the failure of communism in Soviet Union, embracing of entrepreneurship in China, and mass unrest and underdevelopment in most Islamic nations.

Prosperity comes from perseverance and tenacity to create and produce human needs. Decreed or ordained equality merely ingrains a mentality of wangling wealth generated by hard work of creative and productive individuals.

Indian sub-continent continues to suffer from the tendency of "rulers" to nibble away possessions and creations of diligent and talented people. This mentality perhaps manifested after the Moguls invaded the subcontinent to pillage and plunder whatever they could in the name of spreading their "modern" religion.

To extricate the mentality of mutual robbing of one another (which weakens a society and keeps it subjugated) the Indian subcontinent, unlike perhaps other parts of the world, needs to adopt Universal Religion and God.

Universal Religion is not an antithesis of any existing religion including Islam. Universal Religion is rather very vital for upliftment of one-sixth of humanity living in despicable poverty in Indian subcontinent.

Sankarshan Acharya
Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

November 4, 2006

Muslims have polluted Islam: AIMPLB

Masoodul Hasan
Lucknow, November 4, 2006

Senior vice chairman of All India Muslim Personal Board (AIMPLB) Dr Kalbe Sadiq said that like holy river Ganga, Islam had also been completely polluted because of the anti-Shariat activities of Muslims.

Delivering his lecture on 'Islam versus Muslims', Sadiq said irrational approach in solving the problems, rampant ignorance and lack of modern education had landed the entire community in dire straits.

He said if continued aversion to modern education were not immediately checked then the coming generation would face disastrous consequences.

Sadiq said excellence in modern education was the only panacea for the community. Tracing the history of decay, Sadiq said three factors - monarchy, Mullahism and Piri Muridi (people taking refuge in shrines) - had mainly contributed to the destruction of a religion, which had come to provide solace to mankind.

Sadiq said heads of states in Muslim countries had virtually become "slaves" to superpower. He said Islam, which was a medicinal plant for all types of ailments afflicting the human being, had now been facing this grave situation just because its followers had moved away from the true path.

Sadiq said power seekers, who had no religion and character, had actually pushed the religion to the brink of disaster.

He added that Muslims could not progress without rational approach and use of intellect, which was the best creation of the God.

He said Islam had come to make Muslims "wise and not stupid". He said slogan-shouting Muslims had simply become emotional, a trait that could never solve their problems.

Sadiq said continued upgradation of knowledge and logical attitude only could rescue the community from annihilation.

He said prejudice and anger against any body or community was not permitted in Islam.

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